Twenty in my Twenties

I made a pact with myself when I turned twenty-one that I would complete twenty experiences in my twenties. You might look at the list and think, “Hey, that’s only ten items!” and you would be right. I’m not completely set on what I want those twenty items to be, and I realize that I don’t know what my life will be like in five years, or what my goals will be. I’m leaving that space so that the list can grow with me, and I with it.

1) Drive from one coast to another.
I’ve always enjoyed road trips, and after the trip to New England that Lucas and I took our junior year, I’ve been obsessed with driving across the US. The combination of endurance and serendipity that road trips provide is thrilling. There’s nothing better than stumbling upon beautiful scenery, or a quaint little roadside joint, or a town of amazing outlet shopping after driving for six hours. There’s talk of possibly a road trip this summer, after graduation, so we shall see…

2) Write in a blog at least twice a week for a year.
I’ve started my share of blogs at different times in my life. This is the longest I’ve ever kept one, and I’m hoping that my photo challenge will hold me to it. I’ve always stalked around the blogosphere, and this is my chance to finally contribute.

3) Go to a music festival.
I went to one day of Bamboozle when I was in high school, and I’ve been to several concerts, but my dream is to go for a full three days to a major music festival like Coachella or Bonaroo. I’ve always thought that this is one of those things you can only
really do when you’re young – camping, standing in huge crowds, etc – so it seems like the perfect thing to include on this list.

Update: I went to Firefly Music Festival in June of 2013! I absolutely loved the experience – you can read more about it and check out Lucas and my interpretation of festival fashion here.

firefly festival fashion 2013 flowers

4) See twenty-four hour daylight.
The concept of twenty-four hour daylight has always fascinated me, and I think it would be amazing to actually witness it one day. I’m not delusional enough to think that I could handle Alaska or Iceland in the winter, but as a summer vacation it doesn’t seem totally unreasonable. Plus, the days would be so long there. I would never have to worry about seasonal depression.

5) Buy a nice handbag.
I think this is one of those hallmarks of female maturity – the purchase of a nice purse. I think I’d like to time this with some sort of professional achievement, maybe a bonus, so that it becomes a reward to myself.

6) Develop a full bar.
I always see these pictures of bar carts on the blogs I read and I get so envious. For me, this is another mark of maturity, the ability to have friends over and offer them a real mixed drink, complete with bar supplies, syrups, etc.
For inspiration, see A Beautiful Mess’s cart or Cupcake and Cashmere’s.

7) Throw a “shower”.
This one will have to wait awhile, but I want to throw some form of wedding or baby shower at some point. I didn’t include items like “get married” on here because I don’t think those experiences should exist on a timeline, so this is the closest I’m getting. Again, A Beautiful Mess provides a lot of really adorable inspiration on this one.

8) Go to Carnival in the Caribbean.
This one was inspired by my co-leader from Community Action, a freshmen pre-orientation trip at Princeton. Mandy, who’s from Dominica in the Caribbean, told me so many outrageous stories about Carnival (apparently each island has its own Carnival at a different time to spread out tourism season) that I knew I had to go. Apparently, you buy a parade costume from different groups and then march in their part of the parade and then attend their after parties. Again, clearly an early-twenties sort of deal.

9) Run a half marathon.
I wanted one of these items to be a physical feat. I’m no runner (despite my genetic disposition), and running a full marathon seemed harder than getting to the moon. Then, after getting to know one of my friends and fellow officers who started running half marathons with her father despite not really being able to run (I kind of doubt that part of the story, but okay), I realized that that was one physical feat that didn’t seem completely impossible.

10) Write a novel.
Maybe every English major has closet aspirations of being a novelist, but I’d like to try to write one novel in my life, good or bad, ridiculous or profound. Later on, maybe, this will serve as a creative outlet for me if I’m lacking any.

Photo credit to David Hartz


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