Stylish Safari

grounds for sculpture safari print fashion

For a post-Fourth of July date, Lucas and I visited Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. If you haven’t been there before, it’s a great outdoor 43 acre sculpture park filled with all sorts of statues and definitely worth a visit. The date gave me an opportunity to take out my new safari clothes I picked up from Banana Republic.

grounds for sculpture safari print fashion

I’ve developed a recent obsession with tropical prints (I’ve got a couple dresses currently in the works on my sewing table). I love how summery they feel, and how playful they are while still being stylish. I’ve also started loving excessively matching prints. When I saw this shirt and pants combo at Banana Republic, I knew I couldn’t leave it behind.

grounds for sculpture safari print fashion

Grounds for Sculpture is filled with kooky realistic sculptures of people, including recreations of famous paintings. Some of the statues are really startling – you have to look twice before you realize what they are. Peacocks also roam the grounds, amping up the surreal nature of it all.

grounds for sculpture safari print fashion

If you are ever in the area, you should definitely visit Grounds for Sculpture.

– Ginny


Novelty Prints

novelty prints fashion
Right around the beginning of springtime I start falling head over heels for novelty prints – the zanier the better. I think it’s my body’s way of dealing with the frigid temperatures and perpetual darkness. I’ve gotten pretty stir-crazy recently from pretending to work on my thesis and starting up school again, so I can’t help but dream of when I have the time to execute some of my schemes. I’m planning on printing and painting my own material sometime soon, but until then, I just browse the internet, looking at all the pretty prints that stores are stocking.


{Modcloth’s Bing Your Praises dress, Flamingo For It dress, Yes You Candy dress, and Regatta Love It dress.}

Once it gets warmer, I plan on breaking out some of my novelty print pieces (I’ve got a couple fruit and map patterned crop tops hiding away until the sun comes out permanently). Until then, I can dream about bright patterns and colors – and plan some DIYs. I want to do at least two novelty print projects:

  1. Print my own design onto a (probably) pre-made, thrifted dress (see A Beautiful Mess’s project for inspiration). I’m thinking I might do multicolored fruit stamps of pears and apples or lemons and limes.
  2. Create a feminine, vintage-inspired dress using novelty prints (like the blue Russian nesting dolls dress from Eva Franco for Modcloth, above). Beth Louche’s StashModernFabric Etsy shop has a lot of cute novelty cotton prints, which I would love to make something out of, including the kukla collection if I wanted to recreate the Eva Franco dress, this bicycle print, and this “Asbury Park” ice cream print.


What about you, have you fallen hard for novelty prints?

– Ginny