Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Salad


Summer might be coming to a close, but there’s no way I’m letting go of this recipe. My roommate and I first stumbled across this Caprese salad-cousin in what is quickly becoming one of our favorite restaurants in Madison, Pig in a Fur Coat (if you live in or visit the area, you must go – get the burrata and the poutine…and everything). This salad, a combination of burrata cheese, heirloom tomatos, and ground cherries, is simple but oh so delicious. The secret is in the flavorful twist on the typical ingredients.


Madison happens to be the home of the largest producers-only (as in no resale) farmers’ market in the United States, which is an amazing source of fresh produce (and my personal guilty pleasure – cheese). That being said, you can pick up many of these ingredients in other farmers’ markets and even chain supermarkets like Trader Joe’s! The ground cherries, something I had never even heard of before ordering this salad, are sold all over the farmers’ market and are probably my new favorite vegetable. Tiny and covered by a light husk, these tomatoes are shockingly sweet and decidedly delicious.


For this salad to be at its best, the ingredients should be really fresh – nice firm tomatoes, freshly cut basil. While I enjoy Caprese salad, I often find the mozzarella a little too rubbery for my taste, which is why burrata is the absolute best – a thin mozzarella outer layer containing rich, moist cream on the inside.


  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Burrata cheese
  • Ground cherries
  • Basil
  • Balsamic vinegar (reduced or glaze)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt/pepper to taste

I haven’t included measurements because this salad is all about shaping it to taste. For my roommate’s and my salads, I chopped up one (very large) heirloom tomato and gave us each a burrata ball.


To prepare this salad, just chop up the tomato(es) and spread them around in a bowl or on a plate with the burrata. Sprinkle plenty of ground cherries around, and make sure to garnish with your favorite combination of basil, balsamic, olive oil, salt or pepper.


I hope you like it!



Happiness is…(saying goodbye)

hedgehog bread

Living in a new city can make you miss the little things you cherished back home. I’ll miss all the quaint, local shops I’ve come to love over the years (including Witherspoon Bread Company’s adorable hedgehog bread pictured above), but I also know this is just another opportunity to discover new places to love.

orchids duke gardens

These orchids are from one of the last trips Lucas and I took together before our respective moves. We visited Duke Farms, a beautiful old estate in New Jersey that now serves as a model of local environmental stewardship. If you ever visit (and you should), make sure to bring a bike. It’s over 2,000 acres of rolling country filled with fountains, sculptures, greenhouses and nature trails.

mint pumps

Part of moving meant that I had to sort through literal tons of clothing that I’ve hoarded over the years. Most were either garbage or donation ready, but every once in a while I would find hidden treasure, like these beige and mint polka dot/heart pumps that probably haven’t seen the light of day since sophomore year of high school.

I love that this move has given me opportunity to sort both literally and physically through my past and dream about my future.