Stylish Scraps: Glitter and tulle mask

gold glitter masquerade mask

I was browsing random blogs one day and I came across this really simple but chic DIY from Sprinkles in Springs. She’s made a bunch of paint and tulle masquerade-style masks that are so cute. When I looked at the supplies list, I realized that I had all of them around my house, so I undertook it as a quick afternoon project!

gold glitter masquerade mask

I’ve been planning my upcoming birthday party, which I want to set mostly in pink and gold. I thought I’d make the mask gold in case I want to wear it for part of my party (what can I say, I have a flair for the dramatic). The best part about the mask is how easy it is to make and how simple the supplies are. I included it under “Stylish Scraps” because it’s the perfect complement to the extra material from my DIY Tulle Skirt. I just used a little triangle of tulle leftover from the skirt, as well as some acrylic paint and glitter I had lying around my house.

gold glitter masquerade mask
{photo credit to the lovely William Wild}

I absolutely love my new mask!