About Ginny and Lucas

About the Blog
Started in 2012 to combat everyday stress and studies, Bowties & Baubles is a personal style blog designed to help us stay inspired and enthusiastic. We met at Princeton in our junior year and immediately fell in love…with each other’s clothes (the rest came later). Bowties & Baubles is a way to bring our shared love of style to all aspects of our lives and make each day a little brighter.

About Ginny
I’m a English major at Princeton in my senior year with an obsession with (nearly) all things popular culture (but especially horror). When I was ten, I learned to sew through a series of quilting classes, and I have been making my own clothes and accessories ever since! When I started college, however, this passion hit a speed bump and, although I got involved with costuming plays and musicals, I stopped sewing on the same scale. This blog is way to remind myself to make every day beautiful, and every outfit count. My outfits draw equally from local thrift stores and more standard sources like J Crew and Anthropologie, partially thanks to Lucas’ influence. My other passions include baking, dreaming about decorating a house, and throwing themed parties.

About Lucas
I’m an Economics major at Princeton also in my senior year. My style is a little bit more classic than Ginny’s, although I credit her with exposing me to more out of the box ideas. My dream is to build the perfect closet, and there’s nothing I love more than a good bargain on a great piece of clothing. I have an extensive bow-tie collection, and I count Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass as a major fashion inspiration. I also love throwing themed parties, and, if I ever find the time, I would love to turn my passion for electronic music into a DJing hobby. I want to use this blog to document the way that my style (and closet) grows and changes over time.


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