Twenty-two Goals

Mexican embroidery dress

{wearing a thrifted embroidered dress, ray bans, and holding my new Ikea pineapple glasses}

While most people tend to make new goals at the start of the traditional new year, I find that it’s never a bad idea to reevaluate and reinforce any resolutions I have made. As I start my 22nd year (feeling happy/free/confused/lonely – love you, Taylor), I find myself excited more than anything, and a little apprehensive. The following is a list of goals I’ve compiled for my next year – some general, some concrete, some fun, some difficult.

Personal Goals
1) Maintain relationships – and make new ones! (I’m terrible at keeping in touch – I will change this).
2) Create a fitness routine and stick to it.
3) Become a friendlier person – I’m an introvert raised in the often slightly frigid East Coast. Hopefully, moving to the Midwest will help melt my icy shyness.
4) Embrace change and think (a lot) more about the future.
5) Be more communicative – talk more to people and have more meaningful talks.
6) Become a more positive person.

Blog Goals:
7) Write an average of 2-3 posts a week (also one of my Twenty in my Twenties goals.)
8) Become more involved in the blogging community (host giveaways, guest blog, and join interest groups)
9) Learn to code in CSS and HTML
10) Start new regular features
11) Continue making every month bigger than the last

Mexican embroidery dress

Sewing/Crafting Goals:
12) Learn more advanced sewing techniques
13) Reupholster a chair (hopefully happening soon!)
14) Make vintage-style hat (I have so many patterns – I just need to make one of them!)
15) Create an inspiring yet organized creative space
16) Customize a dress pattern with a muslin

Miscellaneous Goals
17) Go on a real (hopefully tropical) vacation!
18) Get to know Madison – I want to take advantage of this change in scenery and not let the cold keep me down.
19) Visit the Cheese Museum in Wisconsin (I love cheese. I could literally live only on cheese – some years I have.).
20) Cull and cultivate my closet – I want to love (and reasonably use) every single piece in my wardrobe by my 23rd birthday
21) Visit my friends and family (and explore other parts of the U.S. at the same time).
22) Join a team or group of some sort, whether volleyball (a new-found love), knitting, a book group, what-have-you.

Mexican embroidery dress

Here’s hoping that 22 will be exciting and fulfilling!




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