Earl Grey Sea Salt Macarons

sea salt earl grey macarons

In preparation for my annual birthday tea party, my friend Will and I have been practicing making macarons. After two questionable attempts, we finally got a winning batch after borrowing my neighbor’s stand mixer.

sea salt earl grey macarons

For the cookies themselves we used a traditional Italian meringue recipe, and for the filling we made an earl grey sea salt we got from Food, J’Taime. When William first suggested the caramel filling, I was mildly skeptical (although I love earl grey flavoring, especially in sorbet). Earl grey and salted caramel? Seemed a little strange. Needless to say, I was wrong. The caramel was amazing. I want to make more so I can have a pot on hand to drizzle on everything that I eat.

sea salt earl grey macarons

We dusted the top of the macarons with edible pearl glitter dust. I’ve had a couple bottles of the edible glitter hidden away in my baking cabinet for awhile now, but I haven’t really figured out how to use them until now. I looked up several methods of applying it, and settled on vodka (?!?). Several sources called for mixing the glitter with a little bit of vodka and then brushing it on the surface (the vodka should evaporate with time). I was again a little skeptical, especially since we were about to bring over a couple sample cookies to my neighbors to thank them for the use of their mixer. I did not want to serve them delicate French cookies with a faint aftertaste of Svedka. Luckily, the vodka was tasteless and we got a lovely gold sheen on the cookies.

sea salt earl grey macarons

After all our crazed efforts, the cookies turned out deliciously, and I’m so excited to make more for my birthday.




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