Sunset at Princeton

Sunset at Princeton University
I’ve now got a little over a month left until my thesis is due and a little over twenty out of eighty pages written. To say that I’m stressed out would be an understatement. Appreciating the beauty around me helps, though. These pictures were taken over Intersession, when I was trekking back from the library after struggling to progress on my thesis. I usually miss golden hour and the sunset, because I’m either studying, at work, or just not paying attention, but the orange glow is too beautiful to be ignored.

Sunset at Princeton University
I’ve found that making small goals helps, with infinitesimal rewards along the way (typing this is a reward for writing a paragraph). I’ve also made a time table for progress, that puts me around ten pages a week until Spring Break, which will be super-crazy-crunch-time. At some point, I may just have to lock myself in one of Princeton’s many towers and not let myself out until my thesis is done.

Sunset at Princeton University
I’m going to do my best not to turn into a hermit though, and keep writing on here and doing fun things. I have a rough plan for a dress I want to make, based on the Russian nesting dolls dress from Modcloth, the Asbury Park ice cream fabric, and a little seersucker. Maybe I’ll post my sketch of it here along with some fabric samples. I think I might let myself order the ice cream fabric once I finish my second chapter of my thesis as a treat.

Sunset at Princeton University
Until then, I’ll keep dreaming about a post-thesis world in April, where every night I’ll stay up late talking, and every day I’ll work on whatever project I want, and I will be blissfully, blissfully happy. It’s hard not to daydream too much, but I know I’m less productive when I do so, and the less productive I am, the less likely I’ll have time to actually complete the projects I dream about.

Sunset at Princeton University

Good luck to everyone else struggling with their (lack of) thesis!



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  1. Good luck on your thesis! You can do it! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

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