Making a Difference

After a lot of self-reflection over the past semester and recently reading this post by the girls over at A Beautiful Mess, I realized the importance of bringing back the creative process into my life. I used to make clothing all the time back in high school, but overwhelming amounts of schoolwork/other extracurriculars forced me to shelve that hobby. Recently, I realized that I was starting to feel restless and dissatisfied, and definitely a little lost. When I went home over Christmas break and whipped up two sewing projects (my glitter bow blouse seen here and my Anthropologie-inspired tulle skirt (tutorial coming soon)), I felt the thrill of a project again. I love all the stages of creating something, from dreaming about it, to the long road of executing it, to finally having a completed project that I can be proud of (or embarrassed by, not all DIY efforts are winners). I’m making a resolution to change this trend in my life, and to give myself the time to be creative again.

Part of my resolution to change involved improving the space around me, so last night I cleaned my room and revamped my desk, covering it in my supplies and pieces of inspiration. I made these paintings of drink recipes earlier this fall to advertise one of our members events, and I’m planning on going to Walmart or Michaels soon pick up some frames for my favorites of them. Having them hanging on my walls will be such an improvement to my room and a reminder of what I can create with just a few hours and a little motivation.

I bought myself these cocktail napkins as a little Christmas gift from Anthropologie. I love the bright colors and the polka dots, along with the beautiful scrawled handwriting. The fact that they also show the recipes for some delicious hot cocktails is only an added bonus. Oh, and have I mentioned yet that I love lavender and glitter?

Do you ever crave creative projects? I think I’m going to be so much happier this spring if I commit to making more things.




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