Lewd Behavior and Carousing

As one of our last events as a joint officer corps, we threw a Speakeasy themed party on Saturday night. The night was very fun – not too stressful, not too crowded, just good people and good times. My childhood best friend and fellow officer, Liz (the girl with the curls) and I went home to scavenge for twenties-esque dresses and found that we both owned a surprising number considering how unflattering the silhouette usually is. I love the way our outfits turned out (that’s the benefit of going to school close to home – larger closets)! Lucas took the occasion to debut the new orange and black bowtie that my parents bought him for Christmas, coupled with his new burnt orange J Crew pants. Our friend and fellow officer Josh’s girlfriend was in town, and she’s one of nicest people I know. Plus, she has the most gorgeous red hair which popped against her beautiful dress – great for pictures! Our friend Olivia, Lucas’ replacement as Social Chair, borrowed a dress and some accessories from me, and the two of them look great together in their 1920’s outfits. I’m going to miss making publicity material for the events – the fonts were so fun to play around with on the poster. Still, I know we’re leaving the club in capable hands.
I’m counting this series of photos as my daily photos for my 12th and 13th days since some were taken after midnight (sneaky, I know) and yesterday was too much of work crunch day to snap any photos. Shh. Don’t tell.
12 + 13/365:





Lots of Love,



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