Experimenting with Pixlr Express

I don’t have Photoshop on my personal computer, only my family’s home computer, so while I’m at school, I usually have to use online photo editing services like Pixlr. For these past few photos I experimented with their Express program, which provides pre-made filters, borders, overlays, etc for your pictures, and involves a lot less time than editing each element by hand. While I ended up wishing that most of the filters were more subtle, I do like how quick and easy it is to get a stylized photo. Most of my photos this week were taken at night and inside. Next week I want to make a more conscious effort to take photos in the daylight and outside, which has been difficult so far because it gets dark so early and it’s so cold.
Part of Lucas’ bowtie collection. He’s up to fifteen in a year since I bought him his first two last December. Oops.

My skirts – I like to hang up all of my clothes (or at least as many as I can), in order both to see them better and to pick outfits out better.

Our eating club hosted a senior networking dinner at the Princeton Club of New York on Tuesday. I managed to snap this blurry photo of the sunset from the bus window.

Lucas playing pool in the Rec Room!
On Lucas: shirt/Brooks Brothers, pants/J Crew

This last photo is a bit more playful – its a photo of the paper mache rhino head that hangs over my bed. In case you can’t tell, Lucas and I both like fake taxidermy a little too much. I cut the background of the rhino out from two pieces of paper bought at Paper Source, although, if I ever wanted a more permanent frame, I saw that Michael’s has some cute and ornate wooden frames. I used a “vintage” filter from Pixlr on it and then added a bunch of bokeh hearts. It’s a little bit absurd, but I like the way it feels like I’m in a music video with a disco ball covered in glass hearts. Maybe I should make one of those…




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