365 Photo Project

I’ve made the a little bit insane promise to myself to embark upon a 365 photo project this year in order to practice using my new camera and to force myself to learn more about photography and editing. I’m also hoping that the final project will serve as a photo documentation of the year, which promises to be a big one (we’re graduating…eek!). Also, if I know I’m going to be taking photos, I will hopefully avoid falling into the “it’s finals/thesis crunch time so I’m going to wear spandex and flannel every day until it fuses to my skin” and actually put together some nice outfits.

1/365: Here’s my first photo. Don’t be confused by my short sleeves. It’s effing cold in New Jersey in January (yeah, I’m a baby, I admit it). It’s also my first time using the self timer and a tripod, which involved me trying to manipulate the tiny buttons with my frozen fingers and then dashing across the rocky asphalt of my backyard in my new high heels to look casual next to my garage. At the time of the photo, I had just completed the shirt that I’m wearing. It may be my best sewing project to date. I literally squealed when I found the glitter bow fabric in Joann’s.

2/365: I didn’t feel like venturing outside, so I took a photo of my mother’s lone orchid to shake things up. I played around with the manual setting for this one, which was pretty fun, although I am very far from being fluent in cameraspeak. I mostly used this photo to play around with some Photoshop actions I had downloaded. I think I ended up using ones called “Seventies,” “Orchid,” and “Colorized.”

3/365: Another triumph of the self timer! I decided to take advantage of the few remaining days I had with our Christmas tree. I used a B&W action to make the photo look more vintage. I’m probably most excited by the many popcorn strands used to decorate it, which I strung together late at night while watching Downton Abbey. I love how old-fashioned it makes the tree feel. I made the skirt I’m wearing in imitation of Anthropologie’s Karinska skirt, which was a whopping $188 and also sold out by the time I made the skirt. I’ll make a tutorial explaining what I did later on the blog.




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  1. […] I went home over Christmas break and whipped up two sewing projects (my glitter bow blouse seen here and my Anthropologie-inspired tulle skirt (tutorial coming soon)), I felt the thrill of a project […]

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