Happiness is…appreciating the beauty around you

The view from my window in the snow. Sometimes, when you’re bogged down by work and stress, you forget to notice the details. I sometimes hate this window, because it’s the only one in my room and it’s so small (and I love natural light), but it’s such a beautiful architectural detail on the club’s front. Every once in a while I remember to stand at my window and gaze out at the street and be thankful that I’m surrounded by so much beauty.


Let them eat cake and keep it down…

A couple days ago I got violently sick with some sort of stomach bug/food poisoning. I’ll spare you the nasty details, but I will tell you that the number of times I vomited was potentially an all time high, so…that’s a plus? Anyway, my photo taking became understandingly limited. This cake is an aborted attempt at a beautiful birthday cake for my friends Olivia and Katrina. I didn’t want to serve it, because it either probably gave me food poisoning or was infected with my germs. Nonetheless, I will return to my lavender gradient cake plan someday, and it will be amazing. This I promise you.


1950s Date at Cheeburger Cheeburger

In our new resolution to do something special every week, Lucas and I decided to go on a 50’s-themed date to Cheeburger Cheeburger. If you don’t have one near you, it’s a kitschy restaurant chain themed like a 50’s diner with Elvis, Marilyn and James Dean cutouts on the walls. The part of me that grew up listening to 60’s music loves it – and the Trivia Pursuit cards they leave at every table. Also, the hipster inside of me cannot help but love the mason glasses in which they serve water. I’m wearing the dress I originally bought for our Mad Men themed formals last year. It’s hard to see in the photo, but it has the most beautiful yellow roses and full skirt.

We did the full diner treatment – Lucas got a burger with parmesan cheese, italian peppers, and marinara sauce and I got my usual, a burger with provolone cheese, onion rings, guacamole, and barbecue sauce. We split an order of fries and onion rings and we each got milkshakes – birthday cake for Lucas and Irish cream peanut butter cup for me.


On Lucas: charcoal sweater/Banana Republic; gingham shirt/Banana Republic; bowtie/J Crew.
On Ginny: dress/Pinup Couture


Happiness is…

Happiness is starting a new project using one of my favorite colors.

I want to make a concerted effort to be more positive in my daily life. Part of that is letting go of negativity and instead focusing on what makes me happy. Today, that is getting started hanging my paintings in frames I spray painted. I chose Gum Drop (lavender) and gold as my paint colors because they are both so fun and beautiful.


What makes you happy?


Making a Difference

After a lot of self-reflection over the past semester and recently reading this post by the girls over at A Beautiful Mess, I realized the importance of bringing back the creative process into my life. I used to make clothing all the time back in high school, but overwhelming amounts of schoolwork/other extracurriculars forced me to shelve that hobby. Recently, I realized that I was starting to feel restless and dissatisfied, and definitely a little lost. When I went home over Christmas break and whipped up two sewing projects (my glitter bow blouse seen here and my Anthropologie-inspired tulle skirt (tutorial coming soon)), I felt the thrill of a project again. I love all the stages of creating something, from dreaming about it, to the long road of executing it, to finally having a completed project that I can be proud of (or embarrassed by, not all DIY efforts are winners). I’m making a resolution to change this trend in my life, and to give myself the time to be creative again.

Part of my resolution to change involved improving the space around me, so last night I cleaned my room and revamped my desk, covering it in my supplies and pieces of inspiration. I made these paintings of drink recipes earlier this fall to advertise one of our members events, and I’m planning on going to Walmart or Michaels soon pick up some frames for my favorites of them. Having them hanging on my walls will be such an improvement to my room and a reminder of what I can create with just a few hours and a little motivation.

I bought myself these cocktail napkins as a little Christmas gift from Anthropologie. I love the bright colors and the polka dots, along with the beautiful scrawled handwriting. The fact that they also show the recipes for some delicious hot cocktails is only an added bonus. Oh, and have I mentioned yet that I love lavender and glitter?

Do you ever crave creative projects? I think I’m going to be so much happier this spring if I commit to making more things.



Princeton Clothes for a Princeton Day

After a lengthy computer science project and yet another paper on pop culture and death, my Reading Period work came to an end. Excuse our appearance if we seem a little scroungy, Dean’s Date is always a messy affair. To combat the stress and in celebration of our second to last Dean’s Date, Lucas and I sported Princeton colors in preppy staples.
I love all of interesting details on Princeton’s campus. The first window is behind The Bendheim Center for Finance, and I would be willing to bet that very few people know about it since it’s so tucked away. It’s very picturesque in a stone cottage sort of way. It probably doesn’t hurt architecturally that Bendheim used to be an eating club. As for the ivy-colored wall, it’s so easy to pass by it and never notice it since it’s at the busy intersection of Washington and McCosh. I love the way the ivy triangulates — it reminds me of the Secret Garden in a way.






Finals Haze

14/365: Sometimes I get so distracted during the day that I don’t remember to take a photo until I’m going to bed and the choice of aesthetically pleasing or interesting subjects has gotten very slim. In my delirious state of exhaustion I decided to attempt a stereotypical bathroom mirror shot.
15/365: I’m not sure if you can tell, but I love lavender. These cabbages in front of the club add such a lovely pop of color.